We Do

At SAPCORDA, we provide a critical, missing component needed to enable the mass adoption of autonomous systems. By delivering the first GNSS augmentation services providing correction data with safety-critical positioning, we are providing the highest possible functional safety, along with absolute accuracy, immediate convergence, and scalability for global implementation.

In order to drive the true adoption of autonomous vehicles, a key issue needs to be addressed in the industry – safety.
Safety-critical positioning defines a whole new level of service that addresses these aspects of safety:

Functional Safety

In order to ensure the safety of our service and quality of transmitted GNSS-corrections, every component of the SAPCORDA solution is designed according to the highest safety standards.


Safe and dependable navigation services require scalability to ensure millions of simultaneous users get the service wherever they need it.


Centimeter-level accuracy within seconds for new, high-precision GNSS platforms in mass-market applications.


Quick and reliable data transmission to allow the application a high performance and safe positioning experience wherever needed.


We are providing the world’s first GNSS Augmentation Service, designed from the ground up to be ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable, and immediately available, to enable the safety-critical navigation capabilities required to meet the needs of autonomous vehicles and machinery.

Our Products

Based on Safety-Critical Positioning:
highest standards of functional safety, data accuracy, convergence and availability

Global or Continental:
our services cover all densely populated regions

an affordable solution for mass adoption

Readily Available:
available through a satellite link or the Internet

based on open-standards technology for easy customer integration and broader adoption

Available Long-Term:
for applications that require 15+ years of operations

Target Markets

Our GNSS Augmentation Services are ideal for GNSS chip and component manufacturers, receiver manufacturers, system integrators, and OEMs in these and other industries:

  • Automotive/New Mobility
  • Autonomous Airborne Systems
  • Logistics
  • Mobile/IoT
  • Many More

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