Improved Position Accuracy for GNSS Services

by Patelay, W., (2020), EETimes Europe

Die GNSS-Positionierung ist für das autonome Fahren unverzichtbar

by Prawitz, S., (2020), Automobil Industrie

ArduSimple integrates Sapcorda in multi-band RTK GNSS receiver

by Cozzens, T.  (2020), published on GPS World.

New Septentrio products to integrate Sapcorda GNSS corrections

by Cozzens, T.  (2020), published on GPS World.

Integrity for safe navigation provided by GNSS service

by Urquhart L. et al. (2020), published on GPS World.

SPARTN – New Open Data High Precision GNSS Format

by Schrock, G. (2020), published on

SAPA and SPARTN GNSS Corrections Roll Out from Sapcorda Joint Venture

 Inside GNSS

Sapcorda startet Dienst für zentimetergenaue GNSS-Position

by Prawitz, S., (2020), Automobil Industrie


Analysis of GNSS Correction Data Standards for the Automotive Market

Vana, S. et al. (2019), Journal of Navigation


Assessing the Performance of GNSS Receivers with Legacy and Mass Market State Space Correction Services

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Integrity for High Accuracy GNSS Correction Services

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Integrity of an RTK-INS Positioning System Using SSR Corrections for Safety-critical Automotive Applications

Volckaert, M. et al (2019), Proc of the 2019 ION GNSS 2019, Miami, Florida


Sapcorda Plans Centimer-Scale GPS for Europe

Boyd, J. (2017), IEEE Spectrum

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