Company Background

Our company was created as a joint venture formed by Bosch, Geo++, Mitsubishi Electric and u-blox. These industry leaders recognized that existing solutions for GNSS positioning services did not meet the needs of emerging, high-precision GNSS mass markets. As a result, they joined forces to establish a globally available, affordable solution for system integrators, OEMs and receiver manufacturers – and SAPCORDA was born.

In march 2021 u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning technologies acquired full ownership of Sapcorda Services GmbH. We focus on high-precision GNSS correction technology. We are developing the safest, most accurate correction services available.
SAPCORDA stands for SAfe and Precise CORrection DAta.

Our office is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and we also have satellite offices in Hanover, Germany and Scottsdale, Arizona.


We’ve brought together the smartest, most tenacious GNSS experts with senior-level industry experience. Our deep technology knowledge and past industry successes will help shape the future of SAPCORDA and autonomous vehicles.

What Drives Us

At SAPCORDA, we have a single, unified focus – to deliver the best augmentation and correction services to advance GNSS technologies.

We are driven and motivated by inspiring innovation. For years, we’ve seen the deficiencies of common high-precision GNSS technologies, and we aim to resolve these issues. Our team of experts and innovators are excited to play a critical role in the future of GNSS technology around the world.

Our Mission

Instant high accuracy position with high integrity
SAPCORDA’s mission is to dramatically change GNSS positioning performance with its augmentation services, making advanced and autonomous mobility a reality for everyone.

Our Vision

Availability and scalability to match user requirements where needed

SAPCORDA aims to enable the safe use and proliferation of autonomous vehicles and devices in our everyday lives.

Our Industry Commitment

To drive and to support positioning technology development on the highest level of experience, SAPCORDA is active as a member of the following associations:

5GAA Automotive Association

Our Quality Approach

SAPCORDA has the following certified quality management systems in place for the whole organization.

ISO Certified after ISO 9001 and ISO 20 000

ISO 9001:2015 Badge
ISO 20000-1 Badge
IQNet - Certified Management System

SAPCORDA is following the Automotive SPICE standard to assure highest quality for usage in safety-critical applications in the development of its services. ASPICE Level 1 has been fully achieved in all required processes and was approved in customer audits.